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Antonio Sacre

the most successful storyteller you've never heard of

Antonio Sacre, storyteller

For 25 years, in 13 countries, in 45 states, for over 3 million people

Antonio Sacre tells stories.

His tales of growing up bilingually in a Cuban and Irish-American household have inspired children worldwide to gather their own family stories and become storytellers themselves. His stories have been published in award-winning books and audio recordings. His Professional Developments and Keynote addresses have helped educators teach writing to students from pre-Kindergarten through graduate school. Now his stories are being developed for film and television.

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, two children, and two cats. Yes, he's a cat guy.

Watch Antonio in KCET's pilot episode of Telling L.A.:


Award winning books, available on Amazon.

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Francisco learns to pick a mango with the help of family proverbs. (Ages 4-8)

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A family picnic turns into a lesson in bilingualism. (Ages 4-8)

Nina celebrates Christmas Eve with her Cuban family in Little Havana. (Ages 4-8)

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Favorite family and folk tales for middle-grade and young adult readers.



TV Series for Adults

The Leprecano

An original hour-long comedic drama for adults.

Tony is a buttoned-down Catholic college kid who travels to Miami to visit his brother Henry and quickly finds himself embroiled in the drug and alcohol-fueled bar scene of the late 1980s. Tony must navigate his Little Havana Cuban family and his very drunk and Irish Boston family as he searches for a voice, an identity, and his father’s love.

TV Series for Families

Unboxing Stories with Mr. Sacre

An original series blending live action and animation for children.

Mr. Sacre has recently moved to a cozy home in a new neighborhood, and all of his stuff is still in boxes. When he starts to unpack, he finds amidst the boxes labeled “Kitchen” and “Dining Room” and “Office,” a bunch of boxes of “Stories.” When he opens them up, he finds a seemingly endless collection of stories ready to be told.

Solo Show

To Walk Those Streets

An 80-minute solo show.

With Castro dead and the travel barriers lifted, Antonio thought he would accompany his father back to his homeland, but he refuses to step foot back on the island of his birth. How can Antonio reconcile his own need to finally experience this part of his cultural identity with the deep-seated pain his father associates with the country? An exploration of exile, told with humor and heart.