Live-Streams for Educators

Monthly live-streams bringing Antonio Sacre's unique Professional Developments to schools nationwide.

For more information about the program and to sign up, visit the Live-Stream page.

tv series for adults

The Next Best Thing

An original half-hour comedic drama for adults.

He shot for the moon, she shot for the stars. They both ended up with the next best thing. A multicultural comedic drama about love, soul mates, and family.

TV Series for Adults

The Leprecano

An original hour-long drama for adults.

Tony is a buttoned-down Catholic college kid who travels to Miami to visit his brother Henry and quickly finds himself embroiled in the drug and alcohol-fueled bar scene of the late 1980s. Tony must navigate his Little Havana Cuban family and his very drunk and Irish Boston family as he searches for a voice, an identity, and his father’s love.

TV Series for Families

Unboxing Stories with Mr. Sacre

An original series blending live action and animation for children.

Mr. Sacre has recently moved to a cozy home in a new neighborhood, and all of his stuff is still in boxes. When he starts to unpack, he finds amidst the boxes labeled “Kitchen” and “Dining Room” and “Office,” a bunch of boxes of “Stories.” When he opens them up, he finds a seemingly endless collection of stories ready to be told.